Episode 38: Cultural Expectations with Master Homestay Host Tatiana Robertson

In today’s episode, we chat with Tatiana Robertson, whom Erin crowned the Master Host Mom, not once, but twice in our conversation. When you decide to host international students in your home, we know it’s not an easy decision, especially if this is your first time.


Episode 22: Parenting and Being a Mom to International Students for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, in North America where we are and in a large portion of the world, is May 12th. To mark this occasion, we give examples of how we mother our international students… Or not. It really depends on the situation, the student’s needs, and your own parenting views. Whether you actually have your own kids or not, you are still a homestay parent and this comes with some responsibility.

In this episode, we share our stories of Erin’s way vs. Mary’s way, of being a homestay Mom and the unexpected journeys it can take us on.


Episode 7: Advocating For and Supporting International Students

In this episode, Mary challenged Erin to talk about her being a Mama Bear; tender claws out and ready to advocate for her students. Listen for the way Erin handles challenging situations including when she rescues Christmas for her student’s friend and dealing with high school teachers, which can be challenging all on their own. Then we take a little side track as Mary gets a delivery at the door… all before Mary shares her stories about how she saved a student’s romantic relationship, which causes Erin to feel like throwing up because of the suspense.