Boundaries. We’ve all got them or we should all have some in place. There are limits and rules to all sorts of things during a homestay experience. Boundaries around the house, food, laundry, safety issues, and even personal boundaries. What are they and how can we enforce them?

In this episode, we share our own set of boundaries and how we communicate these rules to our students. What are your boundaries around the house? What challenges do you face when applying these rules? Let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. We’d love to share your feedback on an upcoming episode and answer your questions! In the meantime, listen in to hear what boundaries we’ve set up for our households.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Mary and her bubble and how it relates to personal boundaries.
  • Confessions from Mary: we chat about the student info sheet/welcome letters 
  • Bathroom boundaries. Mary shares a story about a miscommunication she had with a student around bathroom usage.
  • We talk about food and curfews.
  • Erin’s rules around communication when her students are out socializing.
  • We discuss our process of setting out boundaries, rules and expectations.
  • Mel’s experience with a student who invaded her personal boundaries.
  • When you need to set up boundaries around food. 
  • We dive into the boundaries we’ve set up around hosting with our kids.
  • What caused drama in Erin’s house?
  • Which household rule does Erin’s husband refuse to follow?
  • How we show that we need personal boundaries.
  • We check in about internet usage.
  • Talking about boundaries… do you peek in your student’s room when they’re not home?
  • The secret relationship of sisters. What goes on in Erin’s house?
  • Mary relates one story about a student who felt her boundaries were invaded. 
  • The competition between Mary and Erin continues as we compare student lock box scenarios.

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