It’s coming to the end of the year and some students may be leaving or some students may be heading home just for the winter break. Either way, when it’s time to drag the luggage out and dust off that passport, we need to start thinking about our pre-departure rituals. What is it like when your student finally leaves? What strategies are you going to put into place when it comes to saying goodbye?

In this episode, we tackle the end of the student homestay experience. And since we are talking about goodbyes, the podcast is going to go on a little vacation too.

We, Erin and Mary, will be taking the rest of the year and early 2020 to be with family and celebrate all the winter holidays. In the meantime, take a listen to some of our past 40 plus episodes and catch up if you’re new to our show. We’d also love to hear from you about any topic from our episodes or… if you have ideas for future episodes, please let us know! Leave us a voice note and email us at [email protected]. Enjoy the rest of the year and have a wicked 2020!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • #wearenotonabreak
  • Erin goes through the steps of how she says goodbye to her students.
  • When do you start to say goodbye?
  • Erin opens up about her hardest goodbye. 
  • We talk about the things students leave behind. 
  • Mary shares her tradition of goodbye gifts.
  • Connecting over good food. We chat about our special nights out with students.
  • In what way are Mary and Erin completely different?
  • When airport goodbyes could use some boundaries.
  • Erin talks about the turmoil of saying goodbye to your student at the airport. 
  • When your student’s luggage is overweight.
  • Mary says sweep!
  • How did Erin shock Mary?

Episode 45: Boundaries and Rules During Homestay Experiences
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