Episode 47: What Effects the Coronavirus COVID-19 Has On Homestay

Helllllloooooo! Long time no chat! We were scheduled to come back in early March and then the pandemic struck. Now we are all physically distancing and staying at home, so the Homestay Kitchen had to re-work our podcasting schedule to fit our new routine. In the meantime, we thought we’d check in with you. How are you doing?

Erin is now the multi-tasker extraordinaire working from home while maneuvering all five of her kids which includes two students. Mary is also navigating working from home while everyone else is also home, so finding a new routine has been challenging.

In this episode, Erin is home with our emergency microphone and we recorded this conversation over the internet to make sure we are still social distancing. We wanted to pass along how we are doing, what the homestay situation has been like for us and people we know, and finally what to do if you do still have students with you in this ever-evolving situation. All our families are healthy and safe and we hope yours are too. Please let us know how you are and if you do have a student with you, how you are all holding up. You can email us at [email protected] or leave us a voice note over on Instagram. Stay strong and we hope this episode can be a bit of light for you during this unprecedented time in our lives.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Mary’s plans have changed.
  • Erin gives an update on her students.
  • We talk about family bonding during COVID.
  • Activities to do with your students.
  • How are you coping? Let us know.
  • Check in on your students.
  • Stay safe and take care.


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