Hot town, summer in the city! This time of year is perfect for heading outside, exploring our natural playground, and taking in all the great summer events that are ideal to be a tourist in your own hometown with your international student. If you’ve been wanting to get your feet wet with becoming a homestay host, this is the ideal time.

It’s when students are travelling during the school break or have summer holidays with their school groups. International programs are usually in high demand for great host families. So take the plunge and get started hosting. Listen in and we’ll show you how!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Mary gave Erin a new toy.
  • Erin gives an update on her busy, emotional week.
  • We chat about our summer plans. 
  • Wondering how to get started hosting today? We give tips. 
  • First up – the criminal record check.
  • Doing your due diligence: how to choose your student provider.
  • Our advice for filling out the application form.
  • Erin’s rant spirited plea about the one area you should not skimp on when filling out your application form.
  • Where to find your students.
  • How to prepare your home and family for a student.
  • We discuss the financial reality of hosting students and the importance of treating students like a member of your family.
  • We share our personal age preferences for hosting.
  • We talk about the reasons why summer is the perfect time to start hosting.

Canada Homestay Network 
Victoria International Education 
Financial Reality of Hosting Students 
Our conversation with Greg Demmons 

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