Episode 22: Parenting and Being a Mom to International Students for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, in North America where we are and in a large portion of the world, is May 12th. To mark this occasion, we give examples of how we mother our international students… Or not. It really depends on the situation, the student’s needs, and your own parenting views. Whether you actually have your own kids or not, you are still a homestay parent and this comes with some responsibility.

In this episode, we share our stories of Erin’s way vs. Mary’s way, of being a homestay Mom and the unexpected journeys it can take us on.

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Do we mother international students differently than our own children?
  • We talk about space and student bedrooms.
  • Mary has a student! She shares her mothering strategy.
  • Erin does a ton of mothering.
  • Erin shares a story about decoding language between boys and girls.
  • The time Erin taught a student about ovulation.
  • We talk about cherry pick parenting.
  • Erin admires the way Mary handled the time Kira left her stuffie on the bus.
  • Mary shares how the voice of Erin saved her from her stubborn child.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
Island Sexual Health
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