How do you meal prep for your students? What do you incorporate into your meal plans for them? Food is a big factor when it comes to homestay experiences. Not only the culture of different foods to eat and explore, but also how we eat and when.

In today’s episode, we talk about navigating all the meals of the day including snacks and dessert. We also touch on preventing food waste and figuring out what your students like or don’t like to eat. Hopefully, this episode won’t make you hungry, but if it does, you can make that hummus recipe Mary loves and snack on that; just like we did while we recorded this episode. You can find the link in our show notes. Let us know if you try it!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How did Mary make Erin happy?
  • And then Erin reciprocates… by making Mary feel uncomfortable.
  • We discuss our personal values around food and hosting.
  • What meal did Erin skip? Mary says it’s the most important one!
  • Mary lets us in on her scheme. 
  • Erin talks about weekday mornings at her house.
  • We discuss our weekend routines.
  • Mary shares a situation she found frustrating with a student around food.
  • Erin and Mary’s tips for school lunches.
  • What meal do Erin’s students have to eat in secret?
    #dontletthechildrensee #waittilthechildrenareinbed
  • Erin has an “aha!” moment about Mary & Jon’s relationship.
  • Erin teases Mary.
  • Mary worries about what Erin is going to eat tonight.
  • We chat about going to a restaurant as a family. Who pays?
  • Special events… do you bring your student?
  • Cooking together with students.

Mary’s hummus recipe
Episode 27: Homestay Family Mindset with Jodi Johl

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