What are some of your favourite things? Things to indulge in, to keep you calm, or things that you love and won’t give up. What can’t you live without?

In this episode, we go through some of our favourite things. Whether they are student-related or personally loved by us, we share what keeps our hearts-a-flutter. Full disclosure, there’s a lot of food-related items. So get to know us and then let us know if you love the same things. Or if you have something that we need to know about. Maybe one of our future favourite things is actually one of yours that we don’t know about yet. So please let us know what you love to keep your life buzzing. Email us or find us on Instagram! We’d love to know. Thanks!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What’s the one thing Erin can’t live without?
  • A devastating loss mourned. Erin reflects on parenting with patience. 
  • Erin’s absolute favourite household item.
  • Mary reveals her favourite beverage.
  • Which leads Erin to ask… what drink does Mary miss most?
  • Our next item is both economical and a breeze to clean up in the kitchen.
  • Mary on her love for small appliances.
  • The rice intervention continues! Mary educates Erin about cooking with a rice cooker. When will Erin learn?
  • What item can Mary not live without? (Hint: it has a catchphrase!)
  • We talk tech. Get ready to download some apps!
  • Speaking of food… how has Erin “corrupted” her students?
  • What’s on our screens? We chat about our favourite shows to watch with students.
  • The must have item for every girl.
  • Getting to the end of the day… we discuss relaxation.
  • What idea of Mary’s has Erin stolen? It’s our favourite thing!

Tazo Chai
Via Venezia
Green Lake
Kispiox Valley
IKEA Cheese Grater
Martin Yan
Google Translator
Google Maps
Blue Cheese Dressing
Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead
New Girl
Gilmore Girls
The Vampire Diaries
Insight Timer App
The Cognitive Shuffle

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