Homestay families can be any structure you can think of. Older couples with room in their home, singles, parents with or without kids; as long as you have a spare room and are welcoming to people into your home, you can host! However, if you have kids, hosting students can really be a way to include teachable moments for your own children.

There’s a whole world that opens up for your kids. Whether it’s the global community or the little world within a child’s mind, people grow more fully with an expanded mindset when the world is at your doorstep.

In this episode, we take a look at how students have impacted our own children and the benefits that come along the way.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kira makes an appearance on the show.
Saskatoon berry picking
  • Homestay Kitchen update:
    • Find out what Mary and Erin had for lunch.
    • Erin was a gullible child. 
    • What did Blake (almost) get in trouble for at the supermarket?
  • Erin mentions sibling/student relationships in her home.
  • Mary talks about how Kira bonds with students.
  • Stuffed animals as a window into the secret world of children.
  • We discuss empathy and the opportunity to use the student as a vehicle for teachable moments for our own children.
  • Erin shares a story of how one of her students took on a big sister role.
  • How has hosting students impacted Erin’s children? She shares one sweet way they’ve helped students.
  • What is one reason Mary loves hosting students?
  • Erin talks about the importance of helping others. 
  • We chat about the negative impacts of hosting on our children.
  • Erin offers suggestions and strategies for Mary.
  • Erin’s daughter Fiona and her ‘takeaway’ from hosting and what it means for Fiona and her teenage years.
  • We make predictions about what our children will be like in the future and reflect on how hosting impacts and shapes them.

Canada Day episode

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