With new students coming into your home, it’s always tough for them to adjust to a new culture. One way we believe that will help support your students in having better success at achieving a great experience, is to make friends.

Getting students to make friends is hard, especially when they are here for a short term or with a group from their own school. Coming into a new culture, having the time to settle in, and then on top of that, having to make friends can be daunting, but don’t you worry. We’ve got tips to make your student’s life a little easier because these new friendships can define their and your experience in hosting an international student.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why is Erin in denial?
  • Erin’s update on her students and her combo party plan.
  • Mary gives an update on her hosting plans.
  • We chat about encouraging students to make friends.
  • Mary’s tips for local event info.
  • Mary has even more tips for homestay parents.
  • Erin messes up her words.
  • International clubs and athletic teams.
  • How to deal with shyness.
  • Sidenote: Erin’s Blake story.
  • We discuss the importance of friendship.

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