Being a homestay parent comes with many challenges and rewards. If you are new to hosting or considering taking on this gratifying experience, you’ll want to listen to our chat with seasoned host parent, Jodi Johl.

Jodi has great tips for new homestay families about not overthinking it and how a joke can go a long way in settling in with your new student. She also shares how hosting students can have different choices based on your lifestyle, as she reminisces about her past students when she had little kids… to the present, transitioning to hosting while living on her own.

It was such a joy to talk to Jodi as she shared her know-how of hosting students since the early 2000’s.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jodi talks to us about life and mothering with a full house.
  • What it’s like to parent alongside another parent (in a homestay situation).
  • How it all began… Jodi chats about how she got into hosting.
  • Jodi shares one of her most memorable (annual) hosting experiences.
  • We start talking food!
  • Jodi opens up about some of the challenges of hosting.
  • We chat about some of Jodi’s past students.
  • The time Jodi was called upon to deal with problem parents and advocate for students.
  • Jodi describes a strange situation and how her most memorable students came to be placed in her home.
  • We pore over Jodi’s memory album and reminisce about some of her past students.
  • Hosting during the holidays – ways to make the event special.
  • On kids and family bonding… hosting with small children.
  • Jodi gives advice for people just starting out with hosting.
  • Jodi’s tips for lunches.
  • We reflect upon dinnertime.
  • Even more talk about food! Jodi’s favourite dishes to make for students.

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