This episode about what not to do as a homestay parent has a lot of laughter. Not because the subject matter isn’t serious, but because humour boots creativity and problem-solving. Laughter encourages risk-taking and develops thinking skills that we use to analyze situations to create more positive outcomes for you as a host and your student’s experience.

These tips are for all host families and cultures to help integrate your student into their new surroundings. So listen in on what you should not be doing as a homestay parent and flip that around, so that you understand what you should actually be doing instead.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Erin teases Mary.
  • We discuss the reasons why you shouldn’t go into a student’s room.
  • And then count down the Top 5 Things to Not Do as a Homestay Parent.
  • Mary shares a story about why a student’s friend wants to transfer homestays.
  • We give tips for homestay parents on how to break the ice and create a warm, welcoming home.
  • Erin reminisces about a story a coworker shared with her where there was confusion/a big miscommunication about toilet paper usage.
  • Erin’s fun tip for showing students how to use the shower.
  • We talk about taking the bus.
  • Mary thinks back to her over anxious bus riding student.
  • What wakes Erin up at night?
  • @22:17 Why was Mary giving Erin ‘the look’?
  • We talk about connection and gratitude.

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