Okay let’s get real. One of the top or main reasons families participate in a homestay program is so that they can make some money or at least they think they can. Heck, it’s why we both started looking into the opportunity for our own families. However, over time it becomes more than that.

We’ve made real connections with people all around the world. But yes, in an exchange, there is a remuneration. But what does it actually cost to host a student? Have a listen to where our money goes into hosting international students and why we think it’s not always about the money.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why does Erin think Mary is a bad girl?
  • Erin breaks down the length of her marriage in terms of teenagers/young adults.
  • Erin is schlepping the fam jam up to Parksville.
  • Mary gives an update on her student.
  • We discuss the Victoria Day Parade (and why Erin has a love/hate relationship with them).
  • We get into the financial realities of hosting. First up… housing!
  • Mary explains why she doesn’t like math.
  • We talk about the importance of treating students like your own kids.
  • We talk environmental awareness, energy efficiency and being frugal.
  • Where does our money go?
  • How do you do your laundry? Everything together or do you separate all the colours? We share a story about one of our friends…
  • We talk about Wifi and cable tv and the differences between Erin and Mary’s houses are vast.
  • Mary’s Sunday night ritual with her student.
  • Mary talks about the meal her student prepared.
  • Side note – Mary prances to the fridge for sour cream. Listen to Erin’s rousing play by play.
  • Homestay Kitchen News – Erin has an update!
  • We talk about how the time spent with a student is a factor.

Victoria Day Parade
Victoria Buzz Parade Coverage
Sour cream

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