Episode 23: Positivity, an Open Heart, and Hosting in Toronto with Rosalyn Benatar

How do your intentions bring out the best in your family to have a successful homestay experience? What differences do the big city of Toronto and the west coast of Canada provide to an international student? In this episode, we chat with Rosalyn Benatar, a recent transplant from Toronto to Victoria, BC. 

She shares her hosting experience from her perspective of living in the biggest city in Canada. She also reveals why you need to keep a positive attitude and open heart when hosting international students and why your home is your sacred space, so students should respect your rules. Each homestay situation is so unique and has its own distinctive challenges, so let’s listen in on Rosalyn’s approach.

Rosalyn Benatar is the Owner Operator of Spa Birthday Parties for Kids & Owner Operator of De-stress Express. She is a holistic practitioner, holistic nutritionist, healing arts therapist, intuitive and event planner. You can connect with her through her website at www.spabirthdaypartiesforkids.com or find her on Facebook at @spabirthdaypartiesforkids.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Where is the “Best Place in Canada”?
  • Rosalyn chats about her history of hosting students.
  • We discuss ‘boy energy’ and why Rosalyn chose to host females.
  • Is there a difference in the way people parent in Toronto?
  • Find out why Erin’s student Jenny is moving to Montreal.
  • Rosalyn answers Jenny’s questions about Canadian winters and what she needs to pack.
  • Authentic Canadian winter activities her students experienced.
  • We talk about Montreal’s reputation and Rosalyn makes recommendations for Jenny for her time there.
  • We chat about students study habits and messy bedrooms.
  • Rosalyn shares a story about one of her students who had to get a job.
  • Rosalyn talks about positive parenting with an open heart.
  • Rosalyn’s tips to get to know your students better.
  • Food is so important to the homestay experience. Rosalyn shares how she made holidays special for her students.
  • T&T store – the “Asian Superstore” – and Erin’s entrepreneurial idea!
  • Rosalyn shares her favourite dish to make for students.

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