Episode 21: Awkwardness and Complexities of English Language and Communication

In this episode, we get into the difficulties of learning English and how you need to see the humour in embarrassing situations. When your student enunciates a word differently, this could result in miscommunication. We provide plenty of examples of how saying a word slightly different can lead to some very awkward situations. But we do it all in stride with plenty of self-deprecating humour.

What are some of your favourite regional English words? In Canada, one of our favourites is a toque. If you need a winter hat, you’ll know who’s the Canadian when they ask for a toque. Share your words with us over email at [email protected]. We can’t wait to learn some new ones! Thanks for sharing!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We talk about being afraid to make mistakes when using English.
  • Pronunciation errors and how we mishear.
  • Mary tells her favourite story about her Dad.
  • Erin shares some of the words her students are scared to say.
  • The time one of Erin’s students had a bad cold.
  • What is the plural of platypus?
  • More pronunciation errors – meanings in multiple languages.
  • We talk about how to handle compliments.
  • Erin’s Italian student’s most embarrassing story.
    #thatonetimeinmathclass #ownyourmistakes
  • The time Mary’s cousin got mad at her.
  • What is a spanner?
  • Mary gives us a new name for “hoodies”. It’s super cute!
  • We discuss prairie terms for mealtimes. Erin gets super confused and doesn’t know when to eat.
  • Teeter totter or seesaw? What do you call it? Erin reenacts why they both make sense.
  • Find out why Erin’s Italian student wants to put a GoPro in Erin’s car.
  • If you have tips that will help Erin roll her r’s… send them our way! [email protected]

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