In this episode, we share our top 5 reasons for hosting an international student. There are so many points, but these 5 things are the core of what we do and love. They encompass our own personal values and how those desires play a significant role in our everyday lives.

Living and sharing our day to day with our students has definitely changed our outlook on a few things. What are your top 5 reasons? Or have you got a reason similar to ours? We’d love to hear about it! Email us at [email protected] or email us a voice message from your phone and we’d love to include it in our show!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We compare outfits.
    #ourpreschoolmoment #weareyoungatheart
  • Mary gives an update on her sister’s students.
  • We talk about the financial stability of hosting students.
  • And start counting down our Top 5 Reasons for Hosting International Students.
  • Erin gives tips on what to do if you encounter a cougar.
  • And explains the difference between a female and feline cougar.
  • We talk about all the sayings/ways to cheer at sporting events.
  • Mary shares her love of berry picking.
  • Big news! Mary announces her big goal for next year. 
    #shewroteitdown #eringetsthegoosies
  • Mary’s great idea for Erin’s goal.
  • Mary’s student who loved katsu.
  • Diverson #1: We try to pronounce “worcestershire”.
  • Erin talks about her Italian student and the balsamic vinegar incident.
  • Erin talks about the cookbook she is putting together (see links below for a recipe!).
  • Diversion #2: Erin goes to the cupboard for balsamic vinegar.
    #willmomanddadgetupset #isitsubstandard
  • Erin and Mary try rolling their ‘r’s like Italian’s. 
  • What is the region known as Modena? When in doubt ask Siri!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: