And we’re back! Thanks for listening to the show and being so patient waiting for new episodes. In this episode, we go through what happened and why we (mostly Mary) needed this unexpected break. In these moments, Mary realized how important rest is and wanted to share how this impacted the arrival of her sister’s student. Mary gives tips on watching out for signs of burnout and what you can do for yourself to get some self care and rest.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Rainbow Brite! We reminisce about childhood cartoons.
#sharethecartoons #theyresprites
  • Erin always appreciates Mary’s handknits.
  • We talk about knitting as a brain break.
  • Mary gives an update on her sister’s student and the reason for our break.
  • We talk about acknowledging when you need help.
  • Mary explains why our brains lie to us all the time.
  • We discuss resting tips.
  • Erin shares her experience with a student who would not rest.
  • What are the signs of burnout?
  • Mary gives sleep ritual tips.
  • We play a game!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
Insight Timer App
The Cognitive Shuffle

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