Episode 15: Emotional Bonds and Departure Rituals for When Students are Leaving

In this episode, Erin gets ready to say goodbye to one of her long-term students. To Mary’s surprise, Erin didn’t cry during the episode, but trust that this is an emotional experience for Erin who bonded so deeply with her homestay daughter. Before we get to that experience and what Erin has planned for her goodbye, we take a look at Mary’s more practical and level headed approach. She’s not a hugger, but she may be turning to the dark side.

We’ve got a bonus for you in this episode too! If you need a rundown of what to check before a student leaves your home, we’ve got one for you! Just head over to the show notes for this episode and you can download a mini-roadmap for your student’s departure.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • It is known that Mary has a bubble. Today Mary reveals herself to be practical and level headed. All good things to be sure. But can Mary hug?
  • Mary shares a story about the one thing she forgot when dropping a student off at the airport.
  • We share some of our goodbye stories.
  • Erin shares the rituals and traditions they have lined up in the week leading up to Yoko’s departure.
  • We talk about goodbye gifts for students… and Mary goes on a sidenote tangent! (Erin thinks it could be Mary’s first ever tangent… how exciting!)
  • Erin shares one of the favourite gifts she likes to give students… and how you can learn from her mistakes.
  • Airport drop offs. We talk about the options and Erin shares her plans for Yoko.
  • Practical Mary shares her tips and checklist for before a student leaves your home.
  • Erin goes on a tangent about the time a coworker forgot an important item before taking a trip together.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Student Departure Checklist
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