Episode 9: Board Games, Video Games and All the Things to Interact with Your Student

In this episode, we get into some of our favourite games to play with our students. It’s getting to that time of the year here in Canada where the nights are cold and long. Time to bundle up and play board games, video games, and #allthethings to keep one occupied when the family is over for the holidays. Or perhaps you’re getting a new student soon… what are your favourite games to play to help break the ice? Here are some ideas for easy games to play with young kids, games that require very little English, and even one that will make a mess.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Erin’s update: her (shy) daughter’s upcoming poster presentation about culture
  • Mary’s family doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Erin offers up an alternate celebration… one that is an evil game and an ice breaker!
  • Erin breaks out into song talking about the go to game her family likes to play together.
  • Erin pulled out her psychic powers for Mary’s game (and then made up a jingle).
  • We play a boredom buster requiring no language or skill. It feels like gambling!
  • Mary throws the rules out for her go to game for improving English
  • Erin introduces a math fluency game that at first displeases Mary. Will the big blue whale win Mary over?
  • Erin comes from a farming family and grew up playing a very Canadian game
  • Ching! Chang! Push! You may not recognize this game’s name… but chances are you’ve played it.
  • Puzzles are a great way to spend time together. But have you heard of WASGIJ?
  • What game would Erin be remiss in not telling Mary about? Apparently it’s the most fun EVER!
(Mary did not look impressed)
  • Which game makes Erin feel stupid? Mary comes to Erin’s rescue.
  • A super cute game that requires no language and (bonus!) got Erin’s kids to eat sushi.