Episode 8: Building Your Network of People in the World with Veteran Host Parent Mel Kilpatrick

In this episode, we chat with our dear friend Mel Kilpatrick. Mel was one of Mary’s first inspirations to become a homestay parent. We scratch the surface on some of the amazing stories with her past students and explore how these experiences enhance our network of people in the world… not just for us as hosts, but for the students as well. These experiences are what makes your household grow and learn from each other to extend our connection to the world.
Mel Kilpatrick

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Mel inspired Mary to host students.
  • She is a veteran host with 16 years experience. (That’s a grade 11 student! Erin thinks of age in terms of teenagers.)
  • Mel does short term placements. Enjoys flexibility of short term for her family.
  • Find out how Mel gets her teenagers to talk to her. (Hostages are taken).
  • There’s a map of students Mel wishes she could visit.
  • What did Mel wish she knew before she began hosting?
  • The student that put Mel on a break from hosting students for two years.
  • Which student posting/profile convinced Mel it was safe to host again?
  • Mel loves to be a tour guide for her students.
  • The time her student had a weird welcome.
  • Do you host students? How has hosting benefited your family? Mel shares how hosting has enriched her family and opened their minds to different cultures.
  • Update from Mary from last week’s episode re: we discussed her student’s romantic relationship. Mary announces the gender of their now born baby!
  • We discuss our (global) network of humans.
  • Which leads to a story about how a clown wronged a woman.
  • Mel shares her favourite dish to cook for students.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Mt. Doug
Oak Bay Marina (seals)
East Sooke Park (hiking)
Thetis Lake (summer)
Government House Grounds
Butchart Gardens
Saanichton Christmas Tree Ostrich Farm

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