Episode 11: Sharing Holiday and Christmas Traditions with Students Who Study Abroad

In this episode, we reveal our Christmas past, present and future with our international students. Mary shares her non-Christmas household, but reveals the little things she likes to do for the holidays. While Erin knows something will come together at the last minute for her family’s Christmas dinner. Listen for tips on what to do with students while keeping to a budget and a list of all our favourite holiday movies. Plus, how do the holidays differ in their student’s home countries? We find out about a Japanese tradition that is finger lickin’ good! Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, or even no holiday, we hope you get a break either way. It’s really all about the good food coming out of the kitchen and enjoying it with people that you love.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Windsock microphone coverings make Erin happy.
  • Why are Mary’s pants wet?
  • Who is Mary most excited to visit this holiday season? And will she schlepp the doggy beds?
  • We talk about visiting local seniors to spread holiday cheer.
  • Budget friendly activities to celebrate the season with family and students.
  • What’s on Erin’s baking list?
  • Erin’s tangent about raisins.
  • A crib Christmas.
  • The time Erin’s family stole Grandma.
  • Conky the Christmas Angel.
  • The time Mary’s Mom brought home a tree… but forgot about the rest of Christmas.
  • A Japanese tradition that is finger lickin’ good!
  • We discuss our favourite holiday movies.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Smurfs – “Gnap!”
Butchart Gardens
Festival of Trees
Butter tarts (very Canadian)
Trailer Park Boys
Conky Character
Home Alone
A Christmas Story
Olaf’s Frozen Adventure
KFC in Japan

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