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Episode 43: Long Term Students vs. Short Term Students

So what defines a short term student and a long term student? Mary defined a short term student as being anywhere less than 6 months, but after she said that (and even after we finished recording this episode), we were still debating what differentiated a long term student from a short term student. Any way you look at it, hosting short term students and long term students can be very different experiences. In this episode, Mary and Erin go toe to toe on the pros and cons of hosting long term students versus short term students.


Episode 11: Sharing Holiday and Christmas Traditions with Students Who Study Abroad

In this episode, we reveal our Christmas past, present and future with our international students. Mary shares her non-Christmas household, but reveals the little things she likes to do for the holidays. While Erin knows something will come together at the last minute for her family’s Christmas dinner. Listen for tips on what to do with students while keeping to a budget and a list of all our favourite holiday movies. Plus, how do the holidays differ in their student’s home countries? We find out about a Japanese tradition that is finger lickin’ good! Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, or even no holiday, we hope you get a break either way. It’s really all about the good food coming out of the kitchen and enjoying it with people that you love.