Episode 6: Selecting International Students for your Homestay Family

In this episode, we share our experiences of how we select international students to become a part of our homestay family.  We chat about how one student in Mary’s short-term homestay experience got her to change her number one request on a student profile.  We walk through what you should consider when matching a student profile to your family, and ultimately, how we decide to host a student in our home.  Then we explore Erin’s detailed student profile applications, while she goes on one of her tangents to provide some very insightful tips for what to do with your kids when travelling with your students.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Proud host mama update from Erin
  • Find out what’s driving Mary nuts – and will it keep her from hosting?
  • Who makes the hosting decisions in your family?
  • Mary shares the lack of info she received about a student… and how that worked out for her family.
  • Going away overnight on long weekends presents a challenge for Mary’s family when hosting students.
  • Erin has a “creative solution” for Mary. Erin gets the giggles!

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