Episode 5: Canadian Student Life, Parental Pressure Studying Abroad, and a Passion for Music with Jenny

In this episode, we dive in with Erin’s student from China, Jenny. She’s here on a high school program for a couple years and at the time of the recording, is one of two students in Erin’s home. Jenny has a love of music that we explore and hear samples of during the show. She truly is talented and has a passion for life, which we’ll hear about as she describes her student lifestyle in Canada, the pressures of studying abroad away from her parents, and what her dreams are for the future after completing her Canadian high school education.

Key Points From This Episode:.

  • Jenny is a 17 year old Chinese international high school student currently living with Erin.
  • This is her second year living with Erin’s family.
  • Was placed with a different homestay family for one semester before joining Erin’s family.
  • Jenny loves to sing (mostly at night) and enjoys K-pop music.
  • Favourite food experience so far – when we all celebrated Chinese New Year together. 
Shanghai noodles with pork
Whole steamed golden pompano fish in a ginger garlic soy dressing with sichuan peppercorns from Jenny
Sand ginger steamed chicken with a ginger & green onion dipping sauce
Gai lan & Dried bok choy soup
  • Jenny and her friends are food experts in Victoria.
Jenny's list of favourite restaurants in Victoria
  • Jenny shares her love for ASMR cake videos with her littlest host sister.
  • Jenny talks about the pressures of schoolwork and her plans for university.
  • Conversations with her parents can be difficult because of the distance and the gap.
  • Jenny shares everything with her best friend, another Chinese international high school student who understands what she is going through.
  • Jenny loves to travel. What’s next on her “must see” list?

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Baking the cake

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